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The motto of my genealogy pages is "relationship Friesische Wehde" (refer to About the purpose) . I am collecting all the names which stand in and relation to my ancestors, also all married family branches are added.

The Familytree of the Frisian Wehde
Thus, at the time, over 44,900 people with 4600 surnames are in my list. The most are from my local community Zetel.
Within the list I have filled 23,000 persons with all the information, the others contain at least (if available) the year of birth or the year of death.
Altogether more than 26,000 are already linked to the complete data. I also have information from Varel, Jade, Sande and Schortens, which I have listed in my sources.
I would like to prove that in the Frisian Wehde all are related. Although not blood-related, but at least over many corners. This will take decades, but the goal is not impossible.

I like to support the search for relatives. Since I am still working, I ask before requests by mail to look in my sources.

If you click on tho following link, you will leave this website. You will receive a list of approximately 43.000 people and 4.400 different surnames, of which about 23,000 people are fully connected with parents, wife (s) / husband (males) and children (as of 11 April 2020). The pages are in german but I think you can translate it easily. For the Cause of Death I show you a tranlation refer to menue left-side. All living are list as "lebend" for reasons of data protection.

The pages created on the following link were created with the program "Legacy"and are created in the ancestor table style.

If someone wants to help and give me his family tree, he can do this by sending GED-Com files. If someone does not have a computer program, he can list the information in writing in the PDF listed below
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