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Family research
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Relationships in the Frisian Wehde
Friesians are all related to each other :-)
Family research
A great hobby of mine is the family search, also called genealogy.
Since meanwhile also descendants of the Frisian Wehde are found in America, these pages are written in German and in English. ( Für die deutschen Seiten bitte Flagge auswählen)

It is a big expense, inluded in orally (of Facebook) Statements such as ... the siblings of your grandfather were called .... or .... is the daughter of ..... added to obtain a reasonable pedigree compilation. This website was created to make contact with other like minded.

On the menu left side you will find the translated sides for example for Links and spellings of location information in the family research. Also the family names and there families collected by me (ancestor list) are include in the pedigree table and are renewed after major revisions.

About the purpose of these pages
In the following pages you will find my details of "why", related topics and details how I will use placenames
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"Ahnenliste" generated with "Legacy"
I use the program "Legacy" to select and publish all anchesors of the Friesische Wehde
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I ask before requests by mail to look in my sources and these pages
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